3M Paper Masking Tape 2209

3M Paper Masking Tape 2209 3M Paper Masking Tape 2209

3M Paper Masking Tape 2209


3M™ Paper Masking Tape 2209 is an economy crepe paper tape for holding, bundling, sealing and non-critical masking jobs where a pressure sensitive tape is needed.

3M™ Paper Masking Tape 2209 has a crepe paper backing for conformability that will maintain integrity when formed around a corner. Is an economical tape for general purpose applications. Ideal for hand tearable and sliver resistance with one piece removal to help reduce labor. Has controlled unwind for ease of use and reduced waste. Designed for indoor use only as it should not be subjected

Additional Info

  • Thickness (inches): 0.0045
  • Adhesive Type: N/A
  • Material Type: Crepe Paper
  • Density: N/A
  • Market: Solar, Spa & Bath, General Purpose, Facade, Window & Door, Transportation
  • Cell Type: N/A
  • Liner: N/A
  • Adhesive Coating Options: No
  • Custom Colors: No
  • Custom Thickness: No
  • Custom Width (inches): Yes
  • Minimum Width (inches): 1
  • Maximum Width (inches): 48
  • Standard Length (feet): 180

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